Sälen bring the snakes to the video-game fuelled video for ‘Copper Kiss’

That replay button is in tatters after this
Going about their business with track after track of smooth-tinted pop, Sälen are going for the big leagues with their new video for ‘Copper Kiss’.

Whether it’s singer Ellie Kamio rolling around in bed with a cheeky snake, or the choppy graphics of an early 2000s video game – there’s a chilling sense of darkness throughout, which just about matches exactly what Sälen are all about.

Seductive charms and spitfire barbs included, Sälen have made themselves at home this year, recently headlining London’s Kamio (no relation but a bloody big coincidence) and stamping their flag in the ground emphatically.

Check out ‘Copper Kiss’ below, look away if you’re afraid of snakes though…