Samantha Urbani has released the first single from her debut solo album

Details of her debut full-length are on the way.
Photo credit: Catherine LoMedico

Samantha Urbani (formerly of buzzy early-’10s band Friends) has released a new solo single.

Following on from 2017’s debut solo EP ‘Policies of Power’ and 2019’s single ‘Made in Love’, she’s shared the first track from her debut album – ‘More Than a Feeling’.

“In music it’s natural to share love and connections with other people in music, and whether to collaborate or not is a complicated question,” she says. “I wrote the vocal to something an ex was playing, just in my head. It became this weird solo conversation, a one sided collaboration. It sat on the back burner, but the emotion remained timeless enough to come back to. Years later I was falling in love, which was a cool and safe place to be, finishing a song about the opposite. I brought Molly Lewis into the studio to whistle, which sounds like an old western soundtrack for the tough guy who’s got no choice, and is really the tenderest of all.”

Of the accompanying video, she adds: “My references for this video are pretty succinct. Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak my Heart” and Celine Dion “It’s all coming back to me now” – both 90s vids that had a huge impact on me, with boyfriends who die in motorcycle crashes. The video is a rescue fantasy – motorcycle guy is a modern day knight in shining armour- heroic but inhuman, totally protected with walls that cannot be broken thru. So, it’s the antagonist who I can’t seem to reach even when they’re right in front of me. A tragic figure of toxic masculine fragility/emotional unavailability. All of the motorcycle guy sequences are meant to be questioned whether it’s real or imagined. Like I’m waiting to be rescued and fantasizing knowing I’m on my own.”

Check out the single below.

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