Sampa the Great has announced her debut album, ‘The Return’

Check out new single 'OMG' now.

Sampa the Great has announced details of her debut album.

Set for release on 13th September via Ninja Tune, ‘The Return’ comes alongside lead single ‘OMG’, and a brand new Sanjau De Silva directed video.

Filmed between South Africa and Botswana, where Sampa was raised, you can watch it below.

“I got to do something that I’ve never done before,” Sampa states. “Which is to have my parents in one of my music videos. This is the first time they have been involved in my music at this level and it was important for me to express accepting and flexing my culture with the two people who know me most!”

“I personally feel that people on the continent have a duty to our family in the diaspora, to re-teach our culture, language, spirituality, ways and return our peeps to ourselves,” she added. “To me ‘OMG’ sounds like the songs we heard in our childhood. It’s broadly about flexing your culture! Loving where you’re from and even being shocked at the realization of not knowing how dope it is to be ‘who you are.’”

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