Sampa The Great has launched a new short film that documents the making of her debut album

'The Return' arrived last year.

Sampa The Great has released a new short film.

‘The Return – A Short Film’ documents the making of her recent debut album ‘The Return’, which was released via Ninja Tune in September 2019.

“I knew when the album was being made it was a very important time for me musically and personally,” she explains. “My debut album was, in a sense, a release of control of the sound direction. Going back to root inspirations stronger than ever before with a clear and concise definition of all I am as an artist and as a person.

“With all that, myself and my team knew the experience and journey had to be documented. Everyone behind the album, from executive producer, to artists, to studios, management and team STG. As well as the people behind the music videos, directors, producers, cinematographers and the Zambia team. We put everything together in the spirit of home – and it’s only the beginning.”

Give it a watch below.

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