Sarah Walk shares super intense video for new single, ‘Wake Me Up’

"It shows the power of emotions," says Sarah.
Sarah Walk has today shared the video for her new single ‘Wake Me Up’ – check it out below, first on Dork. The intimate and stirring clip tackles addiction with a striking feeling of claustrophobia and intensity.

“For the wake me up video I really wanted something bigger than just a relationship gone wrong,” Sarah explains. “I wanted to show love in the sense of something having power of you… whether that be your own emotions taking control or someone that you’ve let in.

“I liked the idea of this video because it shows that sense of urgency to wake up from the nightmare these things have caused, whether it be real or imagined, inside your head or outside of your control. It shows the power of emotions and what can be the haunting impact of giving yourself away to something or someone.

“The three different set designs helped to give that play between reality and the surreal. each set shows a different scene of the main protagonist in development towards either overtaking or getting taken over by her demons.”

Sarah plays Notting Hill Arts Club in London on 9th November.

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