Scruffpuppie signs to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory, drops new track ‘Assignment Song’

The 20-year-old- joins Muna, Claud and Charlie Hickey on the label.

Scruffpuppie – AKA 20-year-old singer songwriter JJ Shurbet – is the fourth act to join Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label, releasing a brand new track, ‘Assignment Song’.

Joining Muna, Claud and Charlie Hickey on the imprint, JJ explains that the new track – which comes a year to the day after she finally got clean of all hard drugs and pills – “delves into some experiences that were shared with me while I was in treatment, and talks a lot about how these experiences have been a fuel to the fire of our using, but how when we’re together, we are whole, and safe. That it’s okay for us to ask for help and that we’re never alone, even in our darkest moments.”

Speaking about the signing, Phoebe Bridgers reveals: “JJ’s writing is both referential of all the emo music I love, and yet, entirely new. I recognize the world I know in it, but it’s off-center. It’s like she’s filtering everything through raw emotion, throwing some distortion on it all, and handing it back to us so we can feel something for a second.”

You can check out ‘Assignment Song’ below.
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