Sedric Perry’s new single is an all-out 80s smash – check out ‘It Girl’ now

"This era in my life is about not taking things so seriously," he says.

Sedric Perry has released a new single, ‘It Girl’.

Released in collaboration with NYC label Sundaee Sauce, it’s a track about having fun and keeping hold of your confidence.

“Two years ago I was in a really dark place,” the US-born, Berlin-based artist explains. “I’d lost my dad, several family members, and life had shifted in a way I couldn’t make sense of. I had to get to know myself all over again. I’d decided to drop everything else (songwriting sessions, other bands, etc.) and commit to my artistry. It was a lot more challenging than I’d imagined and a lot of demons surfaced. But I decided to keep going anyway. And once I made that decision, it felt like the universe had co-signed it and a wild journey started.

“One day, Gabe (my producer) and I had met up to finish up another song we’d started, but found ourselves in a really silly mood. I think we’ve always found a safe space in each other, because nothing is off limits when it comes to music. So that day, we didn’t even open the other song, but instead went down a rabbit hole of listening to Prince, Whitney, Vapor Wave, and some crazy shit Gabe had made. Then we started with this guitar riff. I hopped on the mic and started mumbling some melodies. And before we knew it, we had a full song.

“For me, this era in my life is about not taking things so seriously, life is already hard. I wanted to give myself and anyone who listens permission to be corny, be a little awkward, and be unapologetically unique. Since January, I’ve been singing the hook to myself as a confidence boost, and it really helped with Berlin winter blues, and I can’t wait to share it. It’s an ode to self love and endless love for our community.”

Check it out below.

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