Self Esteem has shared another brilliant new track, ‘You Forever’

The final track to be lifted ahead of release from 'Prioritise Pleasure' is streaming now.
Photo credit: Olivia Richardson

Self Esteem has shared another new track from her 5-star new album ‘Prioritise Pleasure’, set for release this coming Friday (22nd October).

Titled ‘You Forever’, the song was premiered this afternoon by Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1 and is the final track to arrive ahead of release.

Rebecca Lucy Taylor explains: “This song is about the bravery of being alone vs the bravery of taking a chance. Both very valid. I’m also just talking about me, my band, the people I found since going solo, how we’ve made this difference. I’ve done it all without a traditional ‘support network’ and found my own. I think that’s a life hack.”

You can check out ‘You Forever’ below.

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