SG Lewis teams up with Rhye on disco-spinning new one ‘Time’

His debut album, ‘Times’, is out on February 19th 2021

SG Lewis is more than ready for the summer vibes (even if it’s bloody cold out right now), dropping another toe-tapping belter with ‘Time’.

Teaming up with Rhye on vocals for a disco-tastic good time, SG Lewis explains that “Time is a song that is central to the album thematically and sonically. Rhye has one of the most unique and distinctive voices out there, and I’ve been a fan for so long. We wrote the song at Rhye’s studio after watching the sun set in Topanga canyon, a memory which makes this song even more special to me. The beat initially started from a piano loop and a Dennis Edwards sample TEED had started working on with Julian, which I then turned into the instrumental late one night in Nashville.”

Rhye adds: “Sam and I first met when he came over to my studio to work on the track. He has such great personal energy and a zest for life that it felt natural to work off of that and imbue it into what we were making. I think you can hear the fun in this one.”

‘Time’, the latest track to be revealed by SG Lewis over the past few months, stands as the opening track on his anticipated debut album ‘Times’ – set to land on February 19th 2021.
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