Shelf Lives explore personal growth and self-acceptance with their new single, ‘All Grown Up’

They've also announced a new EP.
Photo credit: Zac Mahrouche

Shelf Lives have shared a brand new track, ‘All Grown Up’.

It’s fresh off the back of last year’s debut mini-album ‘Yes, offence’ and recent singles ‘Skirts & Salads’, ‘Bite’, ‘All Of The Problems’ and ‘Off The Rails’. They’ve also announced a new EP, ‘You Okay?’, landing on 26th October via Modern Sky.

The duo explain: “With ‘All Grown Up’ we’re offering listeners a relatable journey that explores the nature of personal growth, self-acceptance and the complexities of navigating societal expectations.

“‘Growing up’ is challenging, no matter the specifics. You can’t escape the societal pressures that inevitably shape your identity. You can end up being on auto-pilot, where you may feel like you’re going through the motions without truly being present or connected to your own desires and passions. You get pushed into an internal and external battle of pursuing your authenticity vs. conforming.

“It gets crowded when you step in line but we’ve been socialised to believe that it gets lonely standing out from the crowd.”

Check it out below.

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