Sigrid has announced ‘How To Let Go (Special Edition)’ with the arrival of a new single, ‘Blue’

The album rerelease will be shared in full on November 4th.

Sigrid has released ‘Blue’, a new single which will feature on the upcoming special edition of her recent second album, ‘How To Let Go’.

The 12-track album originally dropped back in May via Island Records. This newly-announced rerelease will arrive on November 4th and features ‘Blue’, another new track, ‘A Driver Saved My Night’, and thirteen new performances of songs from the original album tracklist.

“I have made acoustic versions of my singles since the beginning, and they’ve (almost) all been done with Askjell, one of my closest friends and collaborators,” Sigrid explains. “It’s been a nice way to check in with the actual songwriting in between heavy promoting, touring, video shoots, and traveling.”

“Askjell’s studio has really been one of my safe places and then I got this idea that I wanted to make alternative versions of all the songs from my second album with Askjell – to present the songwriting of ‘How To Let Go’ in a more intimate way, and in that way also show the other side of me,” she adds. “I’m both unafraid of massive stages and big choruses, and at the same time an introvert who prefers staying by the piano, and I think you can hear that in this special edition version of the album.”

You can listen to ‘Bluehere, and watch the official visualiser below:

You can pre-order ‘How To Let Go (Special Edition)here. The full tracklist reads as below:

1. It Gets Dark  
2. Burning Bridges  
3. Risk Of Getting Hurt  
4. Thank Me Later  
5. Mirror  
6. Last To Know  
7. Dancer  
8. Everybody says they’re fine  
9. A Driver Saved My Night  
10. Mistake Like You  
11. Bad life  
12. Grow  
13. High Note

LP2 – Acoustic:
1. It Gets Dark (out in space acoustic)  
2. Burning Bridges (up close, acoustic)  
3. Risk Of Getting Hurt (up close)  
4. Thank Me Later (up close)  
5. Mirror (by the piano, acoustic)  
6. Last To Know (up close)  
7. Blue  
8. Dancer (up close)  
9. Everybody says they’re fine (up close)  
10. A Driver Saved My Night (up close)  
11. Mistake Like You (up close)  
12. Bad life (with Bring Me The Horizon) (acoustic)  
13. Grow (up close)  
14. High Note (up close)

Sigrid recently featured on Dork’s flagship radio-show-slash-podcast ‘thingy’, Down With Boring, live from Truck Festival – you can catch up on the chaos here.

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