Sigrid has been hanging out with Bring Me The Horizon

We'll be honest, Dear Reader - that's pretty much the entire story here.

Sigrid looks to have been hanging out with Bring Me The Horizon.

We’ll be honest, Dear Reader – that’s pretty much the entire story here. Sigrid has posted a photo to her Instagram, where she’s pictured alongside Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon.

The photo also looks to be taken from some kind of rehearsal room or recording studio, given the instruments and cables and big old rugs on the floor. We’re great detectives. There’s also a video of Sigrid performing a piano cover of BMTH’s ‘Manta’, with the Oli and Jordan hovering around in the background.

Sigrid recently dropped a new single, ‘Burning Bridges’ – the latest taster as she moves towards the release of her second album. Bring Me The Horizon, meanwhile, are currently in the midst of their ‘Post Human’ project. most recently releasing the single ‘DiE4u’.

You can check out the photo that has inspired our rampant and virtually baseless speculation below.

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