Sigrid, Drenge, Sundara Karma and more – it’s March’s brand new Dork, out now!

There's also Indoor Pets, Stella Donnelly, Self Esteem, The 1975 and more.

There’s nothing better than a proper pop star, Dear Reader, and that’s exactly what Sigrid is. Long before winning 2018’s BBC Sound of poll, it was obvious to anyone with even the slightest imagination that she’d eventually take over the planet. Now, on the eve of the release of her debut album, it looks like that destiny is about to be fulfilled. That’s why we’re so delighted to bring her to the cover of Dork for the first time. As a magazine more enamoured with the banger than most, it’s where she belongs.

She’s not the only long term fave you’ll find in this month’s issue. In fact, we’re packed with them. From Drenge to Indoor Pets to Sundara Karma, the next few weeks are a who’s who parade for our corner of the musical universe. 

Sigrid, Drenge, Sundara Karma and more - it's March's brand new Dork, out now!
Sigrid, Drenge, Sundara Karma and more - it's March's brand new Dork, out now!
Sigrid, Drenge, Sundara Karma and more - it's March's brand new Dork, out now!

There are old friends and new mates, from Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club’s new project Self Esteem and her brilliant debut album, to the Aussie relative-newcomer Stella Donnelly, who’s making equally fascinating moves. 2019 is already hotting up nicely.

If you think we’re done there, you’d be wrong. We’re front and centre for huge shows from The Wombats and a staggeringly good The 1975 (seriously, wow – Ed). There’s a five star Julia Jacklin, a righteous Fever 333Zuzu on comics and Sports Team on, erm, selling bodily fluids.

In Hype, meanwhile, we introduce the so-hot-right-now The Murder Capital, Sistertalk and Lady Bird, as well as run through some gems from The Great Escape’s line-up so far. Add to that the Official Dork Ratings on new albums by SWMRSThe Japanese House and more, plus all the big news, bangers and festival updates, and it’s another winner.

The new issue of Dork is out now. If you want to be sure you get your hands on it, you can order a copy to come direct to your door below, or subscribe here. Alternatively, you can pick one up at record stores, venues and retail outlets around the UK.

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