Sigrid looks like she’s dropping something titled ‘Soon’, soon

Soon is next Wednesday, 'FYI'.
Sound all the new music klaxons – Sigrid looks like she’s ready to drop!

The Sound of 2018 winner seems like she’s about to kick that hype train into overdrive, posting a mysterious image via social media. We say mysterios – it’s not – it’s almost certainly cover art.

Titled ‘Soon’, there’s 5 numbered bits that are scribbled out, suggesting this may be an ‘EP’ situation, rather than simply a new track. That’s exciting, isn’t it Dear Reader?

The image is accompanied by a date – 14.03.2018 – which is next Wednesday. The rules of New Music Friday don’t apply if you’re a superstar in waiting.

Check out the image below, and read our most recent chat with ol’ Siggers here.

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