Slaves announce new album ‘Take Control’

The follow-up to 'Are You Satisfied?' is coming September 30th
Following the release of ‘Spit It Out’ (still not a Slipknot cover), Slaves have announced their new album ‘Take Control’.

Coming September 30th, the 16-track record is the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Are You Satisfied?’ and has been teased by the band adding cartoon balaclavas to the majority of The Internet. Feel free to join in here.

The album is produced by Mike D (yes, that Mike D – Ed), who says of the band: “There are a few things that got me excited about working with Slaves: First, a friend had sent me “Are You Satisfied?”. I feel right now the world needs an album like this. Something that is more raw, more alive and less polished. I was impressed with the band’s strong point of view. They actually speak their minds about social topics.

Second was the initial conversation I had with Laurie. There were so many influences he mentioned that I love – from the Gang of Four to The Cramps to The Damned to Public Image Ltd to The Slits and on and on. All records that I truly loved and I couldn’t believe he knew all of them so well for a person his age.

Third was getting rough demos from the band. The songs showed a lot of potential and I saw a clear role for myself in the process. I think the band just needed to be pushed a bit in terms of developing the songs further. It was very important to me to make a record that while not super polished, is not at all low-fi. When I go back and I listen to some of the U.S. hardcore records I love, I’m super disappointed by how poorly they sound today. I want it to be able to compete with any big sounding rock record whether it is Metallica or Slayer or whatever, but it’s important that it has the heart of a Black Flag record. Hopefully we’ve transcended that.”

The tracklisting for ‘Take Control’ is as follows. (Don’t panic though, some tracks are only 14 seconds long.)

1. Spit It Out

2. Hypnotized

3. Consume Or Be Consumed (feat. Mike D)

4. Take Control

5. Mr Industry (Skit)

6. Rich Man

7. Play Dead

8. Lies

9. Fuck The Hi-Hat

10. Gary (Skit)

11. People That You Meet

12. Steer Clear (feat. Baxter Dury)

13. Cold Hard Floor

14. STD’s PhD’s

15. Angelica

16. Same Again

Slaves - Spit-It-Out

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