Slaves christen the “Sunday morning legends slot” at Glastonbury 2017

While the rain may begin to pour, nothing could dampen the atmosphere.
Sunday morning at Worthy Farm is always a slow one. It’s day five of five and it takes something with extreme power and guts to get the crowd going. Enter, Slaves.

With the Kent duo making enough racket to be heard all around the festival site, from the moment they step foot on the stage the crowd are wide awake and ready to kick start the final day. Isaac plays the frontman well, telling stories to introduce ‘Fuck The Hi-Hat’ (about a dog who mocks the band’s lack of percussion), and fan favourite ‘Where’s Your Car, Debbie?’ (literally about looking for a car with Debbie). Meanwhile the other half of Slaves, Laurie, careers and bounds about the stage, at times inciting the crowd.

Rattling through their catalogue, each song filled with more power and anger than the last, it’s the moments between songs where the interaction between the duo and the crowd that really make the performance.

While the rain may have begun to pour – which Isaac points out with a smirk – nothing could dampen the atmosphere that Slaves managed to fire into the Sunday morning. Or as Isaac renamed it, “the Sunday morning legends slot”.

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