Slaves’ Laurie Vincent and producer Jolyon Thomas have launched their new project, Larry Pink The Human

Check out debut single 'Love You, Bye'.

Slaves’ Laurie Vincent and producer Jolyon Thomas have launched their new project Larry Pink The Human with debut single ‘Love You, Bye’.

“LARRY PINK THE HUMAN is an ideal,” Laurie explains. “A place created first and foremost to explore my personal thoughts and feelings. A chance to share my perspective lyrically. The key part of LPTH is saying yes, being open, seeking growth and facing problems that seem daunting and almost insurmountable. It is a leap into the unknown, because if we never tried we would never know.

“There is so much more of ourselves we still want to explore and achieve. LPTH spilled out of my chaos-fuelled mind during the establishment of a ‘comfortable’ life, a deep desire to turn left when everyone expects you to turn right. I feel the essence of LPTH is me truly becoming myself for the first time.”

Jolyon adds: “LARRY PINK THE HUMAN is a realisation of the music that Laurie and I both love. Mixing and matching styles and colours, with no limits to what is allowed or feasible. Every creation is made by us in our world but reflects the outside with our own lens. In fact LPTH is the lens.

“We both have backgrounds in the visual arts (Laurie’s paintings and myself a member of Youth Hymns) so we are naturally bringing the visual to the forefront of the band. LPTH is: The artwork/song/production/clothing/visual as an all encompassing breathing concept. Once we combine all of this we are LARRY PINK THE HUMAN.”

Give ‘Love You, Bye’ a listen below.

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