Sleigh Bells share ‘And Saints’, with an Apple Music-exclusive video

It's the second track they've released from 'Kid Kruschev', out in November.
There’s a brand new Sleigh Bells video.

There’s a new mini-album from Sleigh Bells on the way – which you can read about here – and today the duo shared the lead single, the subtle, slow-burning ‘And Saints’, arriving just a little too late to be heard from the stage of Twin Peaks‘ Bang Bang Bar. Sorry, Alexis. Sorry, Derek. It would have worked so well.

And there’s a video too, which has everything you could possibly want, if you’re a fan of vintage clothing and cheerleaders wearing skeletal masks. And, let’s face it, who isn’t?

If you’re signed up to Apple Music, you can watch the video there, as it’s currently an exclusive. If not, there’s a preview in the band’s tweet below, and an audio-only clip of the whole track in the player below that.