Sløtface turn on the ‘Bright Lights’ with new track.

It's from their forthcoming ‘Empire Records’ EP.
Sløtface have debuted another track from their forthcoming ‘Empire Records’ EP.

Titled ‘Bright Lights’, it follows up on the banger-tastic ‘Take Me Dancing’ from the new release, set to drop on November 18th.

“Bright Lights is about escaping from things that are going on in your own head and in society in general by distracting yourself, especially from the minor and major personal issues we all have,” explains vocalist Haley Shea. “It’s about a desire for escape, and a break from dealing with things that might seem too hard.

“We recorded it at Ocean Sounds in Norway – the most beautiful studio in the world – with our awesome producer, Dan Austin, late last year. The environment and stormy weather when we were recording really helped set the mood for what is a quite melancholy, emo track.”

You can check out ‘Bright Lights’ below.

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