slowthai has dropped a new track, ‘Doorman’

It's produced by Mura Masa, dontchaknow?

slowthai has dropped a brand new track, produced by Mura Masa.

Titled ‘Doorman’, slowthai explains: “I was at some yard in Chelsea after a night out and I saw 4.5 million pound paintings hanging on the wall and it made me sick… I went to the studio the next day and wrote Doorman. Doorman, let me in the door.”

“Slowthai is the embodiment of subversive and punk energy in UK rap,” Mura Masa adds. “We knew we wanted to make something with a DIY, rebellious energy together, so we banged Doorman together in a few hours, kept all the original takes and let it be what it is. It’s a record that challenges ideas about what rap can be, which I think the scene needs more of. I love it.”

So there we go.

‘Doorman’ follows on from previous cut ‘Rainbow’ and recent EP ‘RUNT’. With the 2019 tip lists coming round fast, expect to hear slowthai’s name Really Quite A Lot over the next few months.

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