Snow Coats’ new bop ‘Pool Girl’ is the legitimate feel good hit of the summer

We know, cos their new label said so in a tweet, and it turned out to be correct!

Good things come from the Netherlands. Stroopwafel. That’s awesome, right?

Also awesome – Dutch indie pop quartet Snow Coats, who have just signed with powerhouse indie label Alcopop! Records and will release their new EP ‘Pool Girl’ on 11th September. You might remember them from back in May, when they opened our Homeschool online festival. See, told you they were going places.

To celebrate, you can check out their new single and EP title track now. It’s Really Very Good.

Vocalist/guitarist Anouk va der Kamp explains: “Pool Girl is a song about how I reflect on myself. Some silly things and some more serious. Like my anxieties and how I can panic over the smallest things. I hope that there are people who can relate to my lyrics.”

You can check out ‘Pool Girl’ below. It’s a bop.

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