So, are the 1975 shooting a video this weekend?

A brief inquiry into Instagram stories suggests they might be.
It looks like there might be a 1975 video shoot happening this weekend.

Eagle eyed fans watching social media have noted an Instagram story post by Ed Blow, who works at the band’s label, Dirty Hit (Hi, Ed! You’re news now!).

In it, there’s an image containing the band’s logo, with ‘video shoot’ and ’19/5′.

It’s the first conclusive proof that the band haven’t pivoted to simply releasing fly posters, and are indeed planning on delivering new music soon.

We know something related to their ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ thingy (you come up with a better description – Ed) is coming on 1st June, and there’s a vague gesture towards third album ‘Music For Cars’ at some point.

The band are also trying to convince us to go running around fields in VR headsets, which sees like a recipe for disaster to us, but we’re not pop stars.

Check out the image below, and continue to get excited by the concept of excitement alone.

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