SOAK has dropped a brand new track, ‘It’s Alive’

It features an instrumental provided by Saint Sister's Gemma Doherty.

SOAK has dropped a brand new track, ‘It’s Alive’.

Featuring an instrumental provided by Saint Sister’s Gemma Doherty, the song sees Birdie Monds-Watson recite a poem for her first release of 2020.

It comes alongside a short film, conceptualised by Ellius Grace and “created by a number of artists around Ireland during the height of the Coronavirus lockdown as a way of finding solace and purpose in an upside down time.”

Birdie explains: “Ellius Grace reached out to me during the lockdown with this idea of creating an ‘antidote to anxiety’, with the concept centering around finding beauty in the mundane. I sat down in the up and down waves of isolation, when I let my brain go I started to write about how it feels to ‘wake up’ from a long depression. The relief when a tide starts to turn and things I’d given up on begin to seem possible again. Ellius asked Gemma Doherty to compose the soundtrack and she provided a gentle and gripping bed to speak over. I hope this piece can act as a reminder that it won’t always be like this.”

You can check out ‘I’m Alive’ below.

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