Softcult have released a new song inspired by greed, ‘Shortest Fuse’

The band have a new EP on the way.

Softcult have released a new single.

‘Shortest Fuse’ follows on from their recent drops ‘Heaven’ and ‘Haunt You Still’, and is taken from an upcoming EP which in turn follows on from their recent six-track EP ‘See You in the Dark’, which came out back in March via Easy Life Records.

Of the inspiration behind the new track, the band comment: “Capitalism seems to be designed to keep underprivileged people toiling in a never ending cycle of debt and poverty where their labor is underpaid in order to profit their employers. The benefits of capitalism are rarely equally distributed, accruing wealth to a very small percentage of the population. Built on the notion of greed, benefitting only by paying workers less than what their labor is worth, it’s difficult to not become disenfranchised with capitalism when you exist in this reality and see no end in sight. We can’t become complicit in a system that is designed to keep us down.”

Check it out below.

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