Something’s happening with Bon Iver, and we’re getting really excited

A mysterious video seems to countdown to their performance at Eaux Claires Festival.
We just don’t know what to do with Justin Vernon at the moment, He’s been jumping around here, there and everywhere but not ever giving us that holiest of holy grails. New Bon Iver music.

Well it seems like wishes are about to come true.

It’s all because of this fresh new teaser, posted up on the Bon Iver social channels, that shows a whole heap of glitchy bits and pieces soundtracked by what appears to be brand new music. Complete with a sample of Mr Vernon’s distinctive vocal tones, it’s titled #22days – which from the day it went up suggests that all will be revealed at Bon Iver’s headline slot at Eaux Claires Festival in Wisconsin on August 13th.

It comes after Vernon previously stated that new Bon Iver was in the works and stating that their headline set would be comprised entirely of new music.

Something’s up, and we really can’t wait to see what’s in store – filling 5 years since 2011’s self-titled LP has been a long wait.

See if you can work it out below:

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