SOPHIE’s ‘Faceshopping’ is a glorious pop din

Her third track in recent months continues to rewrite the rule book.
SOPHIE is pretty much reinventing pop music on her own, right now.

Not content with her stint at the heart of the PC Music machine, over the past few months she’s been dropping individually brilliant bangers. Now, she’s got a new one in the form of the gloriously wonky ‘Faceshopping’.

Coming off like a rusty gate strapped to a gloomwobble, in the hands of anyone else it would sound like the banging of futuristic pots and pans, but there’s a skewed logic to the madness that glues the whole thing together. By the time the metallic clouds part, the juxtaposition sounds almost magical.

Like being chucked in a skip then thrown down a hill, but in a good way, you can check out ‘Faceshopping’ below.

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