Lo-fi pop duo SpaceAcre have debuted their new single, ‘So, I’ll Run On’

They've released an accompanying video, too.

Lo-fi pop duo SpaceAcre have debuted their new single, ‘So, I’ll Run On’.

A mix of confident futurism and the reassuringly organic, it’s wrought with both claustrophobic tension and wide, sprawling horizons – a cinematic early teaser from Phoebe Little (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Jas Scott’s (vocals, bass, synths, cello) upcoming EP ‘Overthrown’, due this August.

“We wanted the visuals to reflect the dark subject matter of ‘So, I’ll Run On’,” they explain. “We wrote the song in response to an expansive cello section that Jas wrote, recorded and brought to the studio session.

“When we were first listening to what Jas had created, Phoebe immediately said that it conjured vivid images of somebody being pursued through a swampy, murky, wooded landscape. It was that sinister imagery that was in our heads and coloured the way we wrote the song. We wanted to recreate that feeling and sense of urgency in the video, though it has a narrative of its own.

“The opening cello section and accompanying extended version of the video will be released with the full EP. We’re lucky enough to be working with two incredibly talented young filmmakers, brothers Tim and Ben Mann, who were able to bring our vision to life. Ben is also a great actor and stars in the video.”

Give it a watch below.

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