Speak Low If You Speak Love debuts his new song, ‘Contrasting Colours’

His new album, ‘Nearsighted’ is due via Pure Noise in January.
Speak Low If You Speak Love has premiered his new song, ‘Contrasting Colours’; a heartfelt indie-rock tune lamenting a stalling relationship.

It’s an emotional cut from multi-instrumentalist Ryan Scott Graham’s upcoming second album, ‘Nearsighted’, due for release via Pure Noise Records on 19th January.

“’Contrasting Colors’ is a song about one thousand realisations in one,” he says: “Realising you and the person that you fell in love with lead completely different lives, realising that you’ve been holding tightly to something that doesn’t actually make sense in the end, realising that your intentions became motivated by something you can’t explain. But most of all it’s about accepting whatever outcome you’re given.”

Listen to ‘Contrasting Colors’ below.

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