Spector have shared a new standalone sad bop, ‘Country Boy’

It's "a mini epic torn between glam and glum", says Fred.
Photo Credit: Callum Lloyd-Jones

Spector have shared a new sad bop, ‘Country Boy’.

It’s a bonus single ahead of the release of their third album ‘Now Or Whenever’, which was recently delayed until 7th January due to delays in vinyl production.

Fred Macpherson explains: “Country Boy’s a mini epic torn between glam and glum. It didn’t quite make it to Now or Whenever but almost acts as a coda to the album. Lyrically, it deals in the doom we feel more comfortable discussing with strangers, during the desperate conversations which only rear their heads when the (Wetherspoons) bell finally tolls. Jed evokes Mick Ronson, I narrowly avoid Mick Hucknall and Rich Turvey’s production shines.

“It’s one of the few songs we wrote for the record which touches on world events, which is maybe why it didn’t fit on there. But I’m glad people are getting to hear it now, as we slowly transition out of the plague years into whatever’s coming next.”

Check it out below.

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