Spector are teasing their new album with latest single ‘No One Knows Better’

Full-length 'Now Or Whenever' is set for release on 1st October.

Spector have shared a new single, ‘No One Knows Better’.

The latest track to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Now Or Whenever’ – their first studio record in six years – it follows up on the already aired ‘Bad Summer’, ‘Catch You On The Way Back In’ and ‘Funny Way Of Showing It’.

Fred Macpherson explains: “The bones of ‘No One Knows Better’ were written on the same day as ‘Catch You on the Way Back In’, at a windswept bungalow surrounded by cows and birds of prey. We’d popped a couple of 11AM Beck’s blues and Jed just started losing it on the guitar. I got my biro out and tried my best not to think – writing down everything I’d ever wanted to say about the fetishisation of coffee table books, the apathy I’d felt at Jim Morrison’s grave, vindictive ‘plant mums’ and the decline of physical maps. Like a lot of songs on ‘Now or Whenever’ it deals with the passage of time when you’re not sure anything’s changing, and trying to leave the worst bits of yourself behind. That said, we once met Tim Wheeler from Ash in New York and he said “it’s Tuesday night, don’t ever let it end”, which always stuck in my subconscious and might explain some of the melodies in this song too.”

You can check out our recent chat with Spector about the album here.

‘Now Or Whenever’ is set for release on 1st October via the band’s own Moth Noise imprint.

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