spill tab is back with a new single, ‘Splinter’: “I express myself more truthfully when I’m not thinking specifically about what I want to say”

One of our highlights from last weekend's The Great Escape, the new track is out now.

spill tab is back with a brand new single, ‘Splinter’.

One of our highlights from last weekend’s The Great Escape, the new track follows up on last year’s EP, ‘Bonnie’, as well as recent track ‘Sunburn’.

On the single, she explains: “I wanted to make something with a bit of an early 2000s rom com end credits vibe going on, so I made ‘Splinter ‘with my friends Wyatt and Austin, who absolutely smashed it. It’s a bit depressing lyrically but I love having those visuals layered over the crunchy drums and guitars.”

A long term Dork fave, the track is quite possibly a new high mark – a rich, luxurious serving of alt-pop brilliance. So brilliant, that we’ve dropped spill tab a few questions on it to find out more. Stream ‘Splinter’ below, and read on.

Hello spill tab! How’s it going, what are you up to today?
What’s up, Dork? I’m actually currently in Paris, heading back home tomorrow, though.

You were just over here for a few shows, how did you find your time in the UK? What did you get up to when you weren’t onstage?
Yessss, I spent about a week in London, it was so sick, everyone was so welcoming, interesting and kind. Hung out with some new and old friends, and ate a lot of good food!

You’ve got a new single out! What inspired ‘Splinter’?
This is very true; idk most times I try and write something that feels good. I think I express myself more truthfully when I’m not thinking specifically about what I want to say.

You’ve described it as having an “early 2000s rom-com end credits vibe” – what are your favourite rom-coms from that period?
10 Things I Hate About You is definitely one of my top faves. She’s The Man, 13 Going On 30…

If you were to star in a rom-com of your own, what would you want to happen in it?
Something involving hella sexual tension, very colourful outfits, bedazzled low cut jeans for sure.

The press release we have here says that both ‘Splinter’ and recent single ‘Sunburn’ “hint at another body of work” – when do we get to find out more about that? Is it finished already?
I have no idea… you’ll probably be finding out very shortly once I do know, haha.

What else are you up to at the moment?
I’ve been eating too much incredible French food. I’m pretty ready to head back to Los Angeles and then start back up on five weeks of tour opening for Wallows, which I’m very, very stoked about. Come thru if I’m playing near you.

You can hear more from spill tab on our The Great Escape edition of Down With Boring. Grab the podcast or listen again here.

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