SPINN drop their new single, ‘Who You Are’: “Everyone is a poser in their own way”

The band have announced a bunch of tour dates, too.
Liverpool four-piece SPINN are gearing up to release their debut EP.

Due 6th April via Modern Sky UK, it’s previewed by glittery upbeat pop number ’Who You Are’, and a UK tour that’ll kick off on 23rd February in Manchester. Find their full dates after the jump.

“Who You Are is a love letter to all the posers of the world,” says lead singer Jonny. “I think that everyone is a poser in their own way, like it or not at one point or another we’ve all pretended to be something we’re not.”

“This isn’t us thinking we’re some supreme beings who are immune to falseness,” he adds. “I mean Andy wears a Beatles wig every day, and I haven’t always been this much of a loser, I used to be much worse…”

Listen to ‘Who You Are’ below.

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