Sports Team have moved their album again, but this time it’s due NEXT WEEK


Sports Team have moved the release of their debut album again.

The band will now drop ‘Deep Down Happy’ on Friday 5th June, instead of their previous date of 19th June, which in turn was instead of 3rd April. Phew.

Frontman Alex Rice says of the record: “I don’t think we were conscious of doing it but the album maps the journey of moving in together in Harlesden, moving back to home towns to sleep on floors for 18 months, then coming back to London, weighing up whether being in a band with your mates, being young in London is still the best thing in the world. I think it probably is.”

Give the record’s lead single ‘Here’s The Thing’ a watch below, and pick up their copy of Dork after the jump.

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