Sports Team have released a tourtastic video for ‘Going Soft’

Lovely stuff.

Sports Team have shared a new video for ‘Going Soft’, featuring a load of footage from the olden days when we were allowed to leave our houses.

It’s a cut from the group’s upcoming debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’, which is due for a belated release on 19th June, accompanied by several gigs that may or may not kick off on 15th June in Dundee. We’ll see.

“In a way, it seems fitting that we’re trying to release our debut in the midst of a once in a generation global pandemic,” they explained when knocking it all back a few weeks ago. “Playing for you lot means everything to us, and we’ll be back doing it as soon as we safely can.”

Give ‘Going Soft’ a watch below, and pick up their issue of Dork – in which we visited the band’s actual IRL house – after the jump.

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