Spotify hope to have Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ “as soon as we can”

Though maybe they shouldn't hold their breath.
You might have missed it, but Radiohead released their ninth album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ last night. We know, odd that nobody has mentioned it.

After a bit of a kerfuffle with various streaming services making the album live before the 7pm launch time, things calmed down. The original early birds Google Play seem to have been punished for their transgression – at the time of writing the record isn’t available via their service – but it is up on both Apple Music and TIDAL, neither of which provide a free tier service. One place it isn’t is Spotify.

Thom Yorke hasn’t always been the nicest about the service (he once referred to it as “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse”), but Spotify was carrying the album’s two lead tracks. In a statement to Billboard, they explained: “Radiohead’s new singles ‘Burn the Witch’ and ‘Daydreaming’ are already available on Spotify, and we look forward to making the rest of A Moon Shaped Pool available on Spotify as soon as we can.”

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