Stef Chura has shared her new single, ‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’

It’s a track from her upcoming album ‘Midnight’.

Stef Chura has shared her new single, ‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’.

It’s a track from her upcoming album ‘Midnight’, produced by Will Toledo, out on 7th June via Saddle Creek.

“‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’ is the most collaborative effort between Will and I,” explains Stef. “The chorus and guitar riff are something I had been playing with for a while after a close friend of mine died. We built the song off of the chorus keeping the theme of death, light and dreaming. While we were in the studio Will had a dream about Taylor Swift singing a song called ‘Jordi’ and that became the muse of the songs verses.

“One of my favourite moments from making this record was when we recorded the yelling section of this song. Will just got on the mic at random and started recording the loudest howl. I was like ‘this is psycho… wtf is he doing in there…’ As soon as he finished, he came out of the booth, looked at me and said, “Ok, now your turn.” The ending vocal was a one-take track based on the day that my friend died. He was on vacation and he texted me he was coming home the next day and he never did.”

Check it out below.

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