STONE have inked a deal with Polydor Records, and dropped their new single ‘Waste’

Catch STONE supporting Sam Fender at Finsbury Park this weekend.

STONE have shared their new single ‘Waste’.

The Liverpool band – who’ve just signed to Polydor Records – have also dropped a new video for the track, plus B-side ‘Radio Ready’.

Fin Power says of the single: “‘Waste’ was written about being sick of people judging you without knowing anything about you. Opening lyric ‘you probably hate me’ refers to the fact that I started to find it easier to assume people disliked me from the outset, instead of being caught off-guard by negative energy. The chorus is about how the need to be liked or loved can become an almost obsession that is dangerous to my mental health. The song’s middle 8 section is inspired by a time where I felt so distorted in my own brain it was like I was in a video game – sat in the passenger seat of my own emotions. We produced the song with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon) and recorded the vocals in one take each time, running straight through the verses and choruses so that the anger and breathlessness was real and raw. We didn’t drown it In effects and the guitars were slightly under-tuned so that when I was raging my guitar, it would bend more into tuning (Al had a genius moment here).”

Check out the new tracks below, and catch STONE supporting Sam Fender at Finsbury Park this weekend.

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