Storeys have dropped a teaser track from their upcoming EP – check out ‘Boat’

"It’s a song about saving those that mean the most," the pair explain.

Storeys – the new project from Steven Smith (Dirty Vegas) and Anthony Saffery (Cornershop) – have shared their new single, ‘Boat’.

Following on from the recent single ‘Sometimes’, the track is an early teaser from the duo’s upcoming four-track EP ‘Boat’, set for release on 15th April.

“We imagined a long gone time where the person is saying he’ll build a boat to take a loved one to safety, before the floods,” the pair explain of the track. “The person will be gone for a while, as the strongest trees grow deep in the forest. But upon return everything will be ok. It’s a song about saving those that mean the most… In these present times this feels poignant.”

Check it out below.

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