Suede have released a striking new video for ‘Wastelands’

Mike Christie describes the concept as "a desperate flight into the wastelands".

Suede have released a new video for ‘Wastelands’.

It’s a song from their brand new album, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Night Thoughts’. ‘The Blue Hour’ was produced by Alan Moulder at Assault & Battery Studios, and came out back in September via Warner Music.

Speaking about the inspiration for the video, Mike Christie adds: “When we were talking through ideas, the band brilliantly recalled the finale of the movie 400 Blows as a reference and it rapidly conjured a mood and an idea. This promo is the Suede world response to that: A grim unseen threat in the deserted streets, a desperate flight into the wastelands, and the ultimate discovery of a joyous and unexpected playground, offering a surprising yet somehow fitting escape.”

Watch ‘Wastelands’ below.

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