Sugar, we’re goin (upside) down with Dustin from Stranger Things

He's been covering pop punk classics, which is actually exactly what we'd expect. Go figure.
In 2017, the Stranger Things hype machine kicked into a whole other gear. Not content with a second series from the too-mainstream-to-be-cult-anymore Netflix show, we’ve been blessed with musical japes from the core crew.

We’re not just talking about the quiff-tastic Steve’s real life counterpart Joe Keery and his stint in psych rock band Post Animal. There’s also Finn Wolfhard’s really fucking cool Calpurnia, Noel Schnapp joining Panic! At The Disco (sort of) and Caleb McLaughlin popping up in a Sia vid.

Now, everyone’s favourite curly mopped Casanova is getting in on the game. Gaten Matarazzo (that’s Dustin, obv) is in a band, Work In Progress. They performed in New Jersey recently, throwing down covers of Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Foo Fighters.

Granted, our Gaten seems to enjoy wandering around more often than he does laying down a vocal, but then that’s exactly what you’d expect from his on screen counterpart. Check out the videos below.

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