Sulky Boy share new EP ‘Sulky Boys Play Songs of Love’ in full

It's "lo-fi bedroom pop with aspirations to be something bigger", the band explain.
Sulky Boy are about to drop new EP ‘Sulky Boys Play Songs of Love’, but you don’t have to wait any longer than right now to hear it – great, huh? Full of heartfelt bangers, with woozy melodies and hooks aplenty, it’s premiering in full below, first on Dork.

“We recorded the EP at home with the help of my housemate Daniel Moore, and then mixed it ourselves,” explains the band’s Daniel Taylor. “It was a learning experience – mostly fun but sometimes slow and painful. It’s lo-fi bedroom pop with aspirations to be something bigger.

“I spent most of last year working in an office, white collared and heroically bored. The EP is the sound of someone trying to push back at that abhorent dullness, with colours and personality and romantic ideals.”

‘Sulky Boys Play Songs of Love’ is out tomorrow, Friday 28th April via Brighton label Echochamp.

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