Super Furry Animals are releasing a new single

'Bing Bong' is their first in seven years, and is inspired by the Welsh national football team.
Super Furry Animals are releasing their first single in seven years, inspired by the Welsh football team getting to Euro 2016.

Probably not titled ‘Just Give The Ball To Gareth’, the band are following up on their 2015 reunion dates with the new material, following a significant gap since 2009’s ‘Dark Days/Light Years’ album. Titled ‘Bing Bong’ a press release refers to the “inspirational rise” of the Welsh national team, stating the band are “emerging from the studio to spread hope and harmony in a reinvention of the totemic, communal anthem.”

Meanwhile, their accountant probably wishes they’d have called it ‘Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong’ instead. No point missing that crucial Leicester just won the league market, eh?

More info of the track will follow in the coming weeks, but ‘Bing Bong’ isn’t Wales’ official Euro 2016 anthem. That one is down to Manic Street Preachers.

Then again, the Welsh probably have quite a few footie bangers saved up, what with all those years of missing out. May as well take the opportunity to get them all out now, right?[sc name=”stopper” ]

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