Superorganism, Bastille, Phoebe Bridgers and loads more are in the new issue of Dork

Jam packed with awesome bands, it's out tomorrow (16th February)!
You know us, Dear Reader. We get a bit over excited when a band gets buzzy. If it was an actual medical condition, we’re pretty sure it’d be called Dorking. If Dorking wasn’t a place that wasn’t very buzzy. Sorry, Dorking.

Rambling aside, occasionally a band gets so much hype the noise becomes near deafening. Even less commonly, they’re able to carry it. There’s no sense of false idols or unrealistic expectations – simply mind-blowingly awesome music from an act that seem to open up endless possibilities.

This month, we welcome a band who can do just that to the cover of Dork for the first time. By all logical conclusions, Superorganism shouldn’t work. They don’t look like a band – not in the traditional sense. And they’re not. They’re something different. Something way, way more oh-god-we-need-a-sit-down-and-have-a-cup-of-tea brilliant. They’ve even got their own theme song! And it’s the absolute best!

We warned you how we get. With their (so, so, so great) debut album coming, it’s way more fun if you join in.

That’s not all we’ve got this month. Obviously. We’ve given a call to our top pop star chum Dan from Bastille to find out what they’re plotting for 2018 – tours, mixtapes and albums, if you were wondering. We finally get our chatty claws into Phoebe Bridgers, who’s heading to the UK after releasing one of the best albums of last year. Gengahr are back with a second album that’s enough to set us off again, if we’re honest, and INHEAVEN report back from the road on their Dork Live! tour.

As if that’s not enough, we’re getting totes emosh with Paramore on Tour Three, introducing brilliant artists like Isaac Gracie, Lo Moon, Ider, Islands and Nervus in Hype, diving deep with Actual Real Life Stroke Albert Hammond Jr and getting crafty with Diet Cig. Plus – because we don’t know when to stop – Matt Maltese, Public Access TV, Ought, Superfood, Soccer Mommy and a million other amazing acts.

Or close, anyway.

You can order the new issue of Dork or subscribe to receive a copy every month right now, either from here or ‘below’. Alternatively, you can pick one up ‘from the streets’ in the UK from tomorrow, Friday 16th February. We’re stocked in venues, record stores, bars and retail outlets around the country. You’ll know us when you see us.

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