Suzi Wu has announced a new EP, with ‘Error 404’ coming in January

Check out her new single, 'Grim Reaper'.

Suzi Wu has announced she’s going to release a new EP early next year.

‘Error 404’ will arrive on 18th January via AMF Records/Def Jam, preceded by lead single ‘Grim Reaper’.

“Grim Reaper is an attempt to come to terms with the aftermath of my parents being hospitalised,” Suzi explains. “It’s a part of my character to take risks and now I find I’m afraid of the smallest things. When I wrote the song I imagined that death was this kid, just like me as a kid. Taking all the risks I used to take but sort of taunting me.”

The full track listing reads:

Grim Reaper
Error 404

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