Swearin’ have dropped new 3D videos for ‘Grow Into A Ghost’ and ‘Future Hell’

Dig out those glasses!

Do you have 3D glasses, Dear Reader? Not the fancy ‘cinema’ kind – the old fashioned red-blue ones with cardboard frames? If so, you’re in for a treat.

, who today released their first album in five years, have dropped two new videos filmed in 3D. Label Merge have sent out glasses to people who re-ordered ‘Fall Into The Sun’ (that’s what the album’s called – Ed), meaning they’re able to watch the new clips in all their glory.

“Allison wanted to do two videos that were somehow connected to each other,” explains the director, Jake Fogginess. “I’ve always been a huge William Castle fan and I thought it would be fun to shoot the ‘Grow into a Ghost’ video using his Illusion-O gimmick. The “ghost viewer” people were given to watch his film 13 Ghosts in 1960 were nothing more than modified anaglyph 3D glasses. So, that opened the door to shoot the ‘Future Hell’ video in 3D, too. The red and blue glasses would connect the two videos.

“It’s awesome Merge sent the glasses out to people who pre-ordered the album, but even cooler that you can pick them up at record stores. It’s like when they used to show 3D movies on TV in the ’80s and you’d get your glasses at Wawa or 7-11. The videos also look cool if you DON’T have glasses, but hopefully people will be inspired to hunt down a pair for the full experience.”

You can check out the videos below.

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