Swim Deep are back! Back!! Back!!! Check out their new track, ‘To Feel Good’

They've followed the Indie Guide To Comebacks and got in a bloody great big choir!

How, if you’re an indie band returning after a ‘bit of time away’, do you make a big splash? Easy. You get a great big choir and turn the dial to ‘euphoric’.

That’s the first rule Swim Deep are following from the Indie Guide To Comebacks with their brand new track ‘To Feel Good’. A near religious experience, their first new track from the follow up to 2015’s ‘Mothers’ is both epic and intimate at the same time. Basically, we bloody love it.

It comes after the band played Dork’s Live At Leeds stage at the start of the month, and ahead of a three night hometown residency, due to take place mid June.

You can check out the video for ‘To Feel Good’ below. And please, stop punching Austin in the face. Poor chap.

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