swim school have released a new mixtape EP, ‘Seeing It Now’

They'll hit the road this April and May, too.
Photo credit: Grace Equi.

swim school have released a new mixtape EP, ‘Seeing It Now’.

The effort includes original material, as well as a cover of Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’. The physical release will also feature a new version of their track ‘Anyway’.

Of the title-track, vocalist Alice comments: “This song is about my feelings of imposter syndrome and was one of the hardest songs to record vocally, as I was battling the feelings I was signing about. It was a mentally challenging song rather than physical. It’s me talking to my younger self who never believed they would ever be good enough to be in a band never mind be the singer and front woman.”

Drummer Billy adds: “What we ended up with wasn’t really an EP, or an album and we had some new songs, an old song, a cover… so describing it as a mixtape EP feels right.”

Check out the EP below.

The band are also about to head out on tour. You can check out the full list of shows below, and read our 2024 Hype List feature with the band here.

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