Sylvan Esso want you to PARAD(w/them)E

That's a pun on the song name, before you accuse us of a typo.
Sylan Esso have kicked off the year in style, debuting new track ‘PARAD(w/m)E’ – or parade with me, if you were having trouble translating.

The duo’s most recent album ‘What Now’ has received a nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album at this year’s Grammys. The obvious way to celebrate? releasing folk ballad ‘There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You’, of course.

Have no fear though, PARAD(w/m)E is a return to the electronic homeland, three and a half minutes of blooping synths and off-kilter vocals. It’s also bloody good fun.

Check out ‘PARAD(w/m)E below. There’s a handy lyric video, so there’s no excuse not to learn all of the words:

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