Synthing Hell! Grandaddy’s latest track ‘Evermore’ is a belter

It’s another big-time sign that comeback album ‘Last Place’ is going to be a cracker
Grandaddy have brought the synths with their latest number, with latest track ‘Evermore’ built squarely on top of one of the most menacing synth lines we’ve heard in a long ol’ time.

Mesmeric from the get-go, the track us bristling with swirling confidence – taken to new heights by the captivating smooth tones of frontman Jason Lytle. Taking that other-worldly swoon that shines through The Flaming Lips’ every move and distilling it into something immediate and direct – it’s Grandaddy kicking through with style, and you can’t get your eyes away from it.

Whilst chatting to NPR, Jason Lytle explained that ‘Evermore’ was a song he’d wanted to make ever since he was a kid, building on a single sound and creating a song around it.

“From an early age, way before I ever dreamt of writing a song, I became fascinated by the idea of making a tune that revolves around a constant sound. My first memory of this was being a kid and trying to watch cartoons or Sesame Street or whatever while my mom was vacuuming in the room. Ever the restless multi-tasker, I would hum songs and come up with melodies that revolved around the sound of the vacuum while impatiently waiting for her to finish her noisy chore. I continued doing this with other appliances, motors, or things that made noise throughout the years. Eventually it found its way into my own compositions. The repeating synth sequence here was a good excuse to try and build a song around repetition.”

Grandaddy’s new album ‘Last Place’ is the band’s first in over 11 years since 2006’s ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’. Landing on March 3rd, the band will head over to the UK at the end of that month for a run of headline shows, calling across Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and Brighton before rounding things out at The Roundhouse in London on April 3rd.

Until then, burst out ‘Evermore’ below,