Do these t-shirts mean Brand New really are calling it a day in 2018?

Say it aint so, guys.
“Yeah, right.”

That’s what we thought when Brand New first started suggesting they were breaking up in 2018, with a postcard that came alongside lyric books the band sent out last year. Brand New just like messing with people, after all.

But now, well, maybe they might be telling us something straight. We’ve had emotional suggestions at shows that the band can’t “last much longer,” and today we get some new t-shirts that suggest… well…

The same image was used at the close of their gig in Vancouver last night (June 1st). Cripes.

We know there’s a new album coming, though. And there is a second t-shirt (pictured above), titled Resurrection, which also features the 2000-2018 message. Maybe Brand New must die to rise again as Brand Newish.

We’ll get our coats.

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